The book “Taking Action & Changing Lives in Minority Communities” was presented in Bulgaria

During July the country partner from Bulgaria has organized and participated in few events where they’ve presented the “Taking Action & Changing Lives in Minority Communities” publication.

20 representatives from local youth-oriented organizations get familiar with the publication, more specifically on the campaign component as they had two days training on how to develop and implement campaigns at local level. Going through the steps of developing a campaign such as: identifying the problem, analyzing the situation and based on that developing aims and objective, identifying the target groups, messages of the campaign, methods and evaluation, the group explored the methods used in the publication from each country.

Another occasion the publication was present is during the annual summer camps organized by Arete Youth Foundation, where Miglena Yordanova an alumni had presented her case to a group of 42 youths from different part of Bulgaria. She officially received the publication and had chance during the 7 days of the camp to engage the youth with the community organizing through the book.