The Civil College Foundation (CCF) is a nationwide adult education organization which organizes practical training for citizens willing to act, the members of self-organizing communities, and the participants of community work and community development vocational training programmes.

CCF was founded in 1994 as a result of the joint recognition of an increasing demand for training in community development. CCF is a social, public benefit organization and an accredited adult education institution.

The foundation has purchased a derelict and ruined former elementary school building in Kunszentmiklós-Kunbábony. It renovated the building and converted it into a modern training centre offering residential training facility since 1997. CCF also organizes courses in other parts of the country, adjusting to local needs. At the same time, the community centre hosts events of local public life.

The activity of the organisation: Our trainings have to main groups.

  1. The participants of the „civil trainings” are civil and community activists (often Roma groups, unemployed people, community groups of disadvantaged areas), who, with the help of the syllabus developed by the CCF trainers and through participation-based adult education methodology, learn how to think from their community’s point of view, learn civil action techniques.
  2. The community development and community worker vocational trainings have two areas: the first is the organisation of community development and community worker practice modules for higher education institutions; the other is the medium-level vocational training of those local activists who are at a disadvantage in the labour market.

With the development of civil society, the expansion of its spheres of activity, and the evolution of its networks, training demands on the national level have changed and increased, and the newly appearing community/citizen activities, issues and problems have required the development of a more sophisticated and diverse training system by CCF.

To do this, CCF has started to renew its training system, which is available and accessible for a wide range of citizens.

The new system includes 25 training courses, which are all connected to the theory and practice of community development and target the development of civil society and the strengthening of community involvement/community action.

CCF leads and taking part in professional development projects in community development and in experimental adult education programmes. It has a wide-ranging network, organises several major national and international events (conferences, seminars, community action programmes, inter-professional programmes, international summer universities, campaigns, exchanges) and is involved in the activities of several working groups in order to represent the case of citizen and community participation in the decision-making processes.

  • CCF is the main organizer of the Citizens Participation Week in Hungary, reaching 25-40 thousands of citizens every year during the campaign (
  • CCF is a member of three international social development networks (,,
  • CCF is a funding member of the Pan-European eParticipation Network (

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