Pro European Network is a non-profit organization, registered as such under the Bulgarian legislation in 2007.

Pro European Network has been the in-country Bulgarian partner in GLCAP Professional Exchange Programs as of 2019. Furthermore, core team members – namely Emil Metodiev and Vladislav Petkov – were fellows of GLCAP Professional Exchange Program in 2012 and 2013 accordingly and have been active alumni since then. Emil served as a country coordinator for Bulgaria for GLCAP (previously WSOS)-led exchange programs since 2012, first at C.E.G.A. Foundation and later at Pro European Network.

Our organization was established in 2007 and since then we are actively working for strengthening democratic practices and effective fulfilment of human rights. Working with young people, both Roma and non-Roma on issues connected to human rights, mutual understanding, social inclusion and social justice has been a cross-cutting priority of the organization. PEN has organized and partnered in a number of international exchanges, trainings and projects, involving young people. The organization has great experience with local actions and partnership with schools, youth and/or Roma groups and organizations from all over the country. PEN is part of a number of international initiatives targeting learning and action processes with young people on the topic of racism and social inclusion. These projects are usually funded by European Union funds and programs, while we also run our own fundraising campaigns.

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