Short Application for Spring 2024 U.S. Mentors

Great Lakes Consortium for International Training & Development (GLC), a program of GLCAP, is looking for U.S. professionals in community organizing and advocacy to host 2 European Fellows for four-weeks at their organization. Those selected to be U.S. Mentors will have the potential opportunity for a reciprocal trip to Central and Eastern Europe and will join an international alumni network of over 300 European Fellows and 100 U.S. Mentors. 

European Fellows are mid-career professionals from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia, speak English well, and are leaders in their home communities and organizations. U.S. Mentors are expected to find and coordinate U.S. host families for their European fellows. Stipends for food and transportation will be provided to European Fellows.

If you are interested in applying to be a U.S. Mentor for Spring 2024, please respond to our short application found at the link here. Once completed, a GLC staff member will be in touch soon!

More information on being a U.S. Mentor can be found in the
U.S. Mentors Overview document

Short Application link:

U.S. Mentors Overview document link:

Please reach out to GLC Program Staff Brianna Dennis at with any questions or concerns. Hope to see your applications soon!