Co-PLAN is a non-profit organization that contributes to sustainable development by enabling good urban and regional governance, tackling key environmental issues, developing civil society, and promoting community participation.

Co-PLAN works in the fields of urban, regional, municipal, and environmental management and institutional development. The issues of governance, public administration, and social development are also essential to Co-PLAN`s efforts.

Co-PLAN is a professional NGO with national and international experience and is active in Albania and Kosovo. Since its founding, Co-PLAN has matured as an organization, and is now comprised of twenty full-time employees in addition to a large network of experts and practitioners working part-time on a number of initiatives.

Co-PLAN has contributed to Albanian social and economic development in low-income neighborhoods, the empowerment of local governments through decentralization policies, improvement of services delivery, efficient use of resources, and participatory governance through workshops, training seminars, conferences, and publications. Co-PLAN plays a significant role as an intermediary body bringing together various Albanian institutions and is active player in national and international networks focused on good urban governance practices.

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