The U.S. Mentor Dave Beckwith visiting Romania and Hungary

The last U.S. mentor David Beckwith, U.S. Project Advisor on this grant will travel to Europe between August 18-September 12, 2014. He welcomed and trained every European participants during their visits in NW Ohio in the Spring or Fall 2013 delegation. He will work with the European alumni in providing workshops, assist with consulting and mentoring. He will also gain cultural experience in Europe. He will visit Romania and Hungary and will review all the accomplishments and discuss plans for post-grant activities with our country directors and alumni, not only from these countries but also from Slovakia who will meet with him in Budapest. As this grant ends in September 2014, we will start a new grant on “Sustaining Civic Participation
in Minority Communities in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” and during
his visit during the introductory community organizing training he will announce this new program and will have an opportunity to talk with some interested people who are involved in minority communities. This will be very helpful, because his experience can be used during the selection process later.