We are recruting applicants from Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia for our exchange program with the United Stated within the  “EMPOWERING CITIZEN-LED DEMOCRACY” PROFESSIONAL FELLOWS PROGRAM. We are recruiting European candidates for two delegations: in Fall 2023 and Srpign 2024, with the application deadline being on January 31st 2023. See the full announcement here.

To help potential applicants to get to know the program better and decide if it is a good fit for them, we organize an info session where (potential) applicants will have the chance to learn more about the process and ask any questions they might have. Participation for applicants is expected. The info session will take place virtually on Zoom on Wednesday January 25th 2023, at 6 pm (Albania, Hungary, Slovakia) / 7 pm (Bulgaria, Romania). To attend, please register here.