Community organizing as a tool to fight extremism and discrimination in Europe?

Community Organizing

Community organizing can be very useful tool for better inclusion of minorities, as well as fighting extremism nowadays. Fifty Professional Fellows Program (PFP) Alumni from 5 countries will try to find and share the best examples to prove that. In the middle of June they will reunite at the ‘Pro-Fellows Alumni conference’ in High Tatras with simple goals – to share their professional accomplishments, work on current challenges together, learn from each other during peer-to-peer sessions and to build new partnerships.

Since 2012 more than 150 emerging leaders in the fields of civic engagement; nonprofit management; local governance and community empowerment from 4 European countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia) have been brought to the United States for intensive 6-week experience designed to broaden their professional expertise. It could all happen thanks to the Professional Fellows Program – funded by the U.S. Department of State (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs) and implemented by Great Lakes Consortium for International training and development at WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc.. During their stay in U.S. the participants received hands-on exposure to nonprofit organizations – focused on community organizing and building grassroots democracy in minority communities.